Little Cat Rescue of Illinois Founder Mallory Wolff

Our Story

Mallory Wolff is the founder and president of Little Cat Rescue of Illinois. From a young age, Mallory developed a deep love for animals that has remained a central part of her life. Mallory, along with her husband and son, resides on a farm in Brighton, IL, where they raise cattle, cherish two pet pigs, have two canine companions, and provide a loving home for an abundance of rescued cats.

With over a decade of experience in cat rescue, Mallory made the decision in 2023 to formalize her passion and establish Little Cat Rescue of Illinois. This compassionate organization is entirely dependent on generous donations, with none of its members receiving a salary. Every individual involved dedicates their time and effort as volunteers, united by a common goal: providing a better life for cats in need.

Little Cat Rescue of Illinois is a private 501c3 non-profit cat rescue.

Our Mission is to Save, Spay/Neuter, and Rehabilitate Kitties to New Loving Homes.